Principal’s Message


Welcome to the CVN Website!

‘’I can do all the things in Him

                      Who strengthens me!’’            Holy Bible

With my heart aglow, I share my views on the vision of mission to Cluny Vidya Nikethan. Education is the basic foundation for the development of any society. In par with the times and demands of the present vibrant generation, I focus my views to identify and nurture the talents in the arena of arts like music- both vocal and instrumental, dance, elocution and quiz contests. Equal importance is given to martial arts such as silambam and karate. The serenity to maintain the body and mind is instrumented via yoga in regular classes. I aim at all round development of my students. The establishment decors life oriented rather than confined to be academicians. A graduate of CVN emerges out a qualified holistic to combat any challenge posed to her/him architected to believe in “Values are caught and not taught.” CVN’s are shaped to be;

  1. Oriented in integrity and spirituality.
  2. Both physically and mentally well procured.
  3. Intelligentsia competent
  4. Leadership skills in abilities
  5. Expertise in team work
  6. Enhance self esteem and communication skills

As I harbor, I draw the attention of all the parents to take time to visit our school website. It contains valid resources and important informations regarding our school policies and procedures.

Pray, God continue to manifest His blessings on you!

Principal Sr.Elizabeth