Foot Prints

Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey was the foundress of the Congregation  of St.Joseph of Cluny. The pioneer was born on the 10th November 1779 at Jallanges in France to the pious parents Balthazar and Claudine Javouhey. She instituted the congregation in 1805 at Cabillon. Her mission was to educate the children of  have nots. Today the members in the congregation has peaked to 3,000 serving in multifarious capacities over 60 countries. Simplicity, availability, adaptability and detachment are the priorities of every dedicated member in the  establishment. Blessed Anne Marie believes “My confidence in God is all my strength and my hope.” Sister strengthens every member in the fold with this great provoke. “God will give you the grace according to your needs; never doubt your strength when you count on Him. God alone can take the place of everything for you.” It is this nurture that navigated the sisters to launch vivid projects to touch numerous in varied fields of life.

  1. Educational Institutions
  2.  Hospitals
  3.  Orphanages
  4.  Differently abled children
  5.  Home for the aged
  6.  Adopting remote villages
  7.  Caring the HIV
  8.  Prison ministry
  9.  Mobile medical aid to the unreachable rural areas
  10.  Pastoral ministry
  11.  Social and community service
  12.  Parish Basic Christian Community
  13.  Student Parliament to the below poverty line

To serve and not to be served is the hallmark of the Cluny Congregation.