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English Club

  English Literary Club

“Spark your Persona”

To develop the imaginative faculties of students by encouraging them to give free expression to their ideas through various literary forms

Club in charge teachers Ms. Sabitha and Ms. Helen

The club geared up discussion to decide and chalk out various activities based on the theme that are both instructional and enjoyable. The finalised activities are,

S.No Month Grade Activities
1.       July 7,8 Mono-act
2.       August 9,10 Role Play
3.       October 7,8 JAM Talk on – If I were a ….
4.       November 9,10 Story telling with an alternate end
5.       December 7,8,9,10 News Reading
6.       January 9,10 Debate
7.       February 7,8,9,10 Assembly