Best CBSE School in Salem

Evaluation System

K.G: Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation will be adapted by giving equal weightage
for oral and written skills. Three terminal exams will be conducted.

Std I – X: Each term will have written examinations for 80 marks and internal assessments for 20, periodic tests, note book submission and subject enrichment activities.

Co-scholastic areas like life skills, work education, visual and performing arts, attitudes
& values, participation and achievement in activities involving literary and creative skills,
scientific skills, aesthetic skills, clubs, health and physical education will also be evaluated.

Overall weightage for Promotion

Written Examination – 80 marks
Internal Assessment – 20 marks
Total – 100 marks
Minimum pass mark – 33 % in written exam, 33% in internal assessment

Internal Assessment Std I — X

Subject enrichment activities
a. Languages — speaking & listening skills
b. Science, Maths & Computer Science — lab work
c. Social Science — Map work and project work