Best CBSE School in Salem

Instructions to Parents/Guardians

* Co-operate with the school rules and regulations.

*Send the children to school regularly and on time neatly dressed.

*Cultivate the habit of sharing, respect for nature, social concern and general awareness in children.

*Help the children to study their lessons at home.

*Check the school diary regularly for updates, sign it and respond if required.

*Ensure that the child is not absent for unnecessary reasons. Any such absence should be informed over phone to the school office before 10 am.

*Do not enter the classroom directly during class hours.

*In case of emergency, seek permission from the Principal and get Gate Pass from the office to take their  child back home during school hours.

*Do not send any third person to take the child home during school hours.

*Try to co-operate with the teachers.

*Try to meet the Principal / Teachers at the given mentioned time.

*Try to attend the Parent Teacher meet regularly. The inability to participate in any such meetings should be  informed well in advance.

*Mention the standard and division of their child in their correspondence to the school.

*Inform the school authorities about the change in the address and phone no. if any.

*Do not to send the child to school if the child suffers from contagious diseases.

*Promote reading habits and encourage them to participate in all the activities.

*Avoid any personal contact with teachers over the phone.

*Visit for all the updates.