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Pongal Celebration


Pongal is one of the biggest harvest festivals of the Hindu religion.It is celebrated for four days in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc. Pongal is also celebrated in Malaysia, Singapore, the US where south Indian people reside.Pongal is also called “Thai Pongal”, related to the tenth month of the Tamil calendar.The four-day celebrations during Pongal have different activities based on each day. People generally pay their regards to god and other substances for their livelihood.The word Pongal in Tamil means to “spillover” or to “overflow”.Pongal is a festival related to the preparation of rice dishes as a part of a ritual.A mixture of rice, jaggery, milk, lentils, etc is cooked and allowed to spill outside the pot. As a custom, when rice gets spilled over the earthen pot, it is meant as abundance in the family.