Best CBSE School in Salem

ANNUAL REPORT – 2019 – 2020

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically. Intelligence plus character is the goal of true education”.

        My greetings and hearty welcome to one and all present here. I would like to thank you all, for responding to our invitation and gracing this occasion.

        With a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction, I present to you the Annual School Chronicle for the year 2019-20.

        The genesis of Cluny Vidya Nikethan happened in Erumaplayam, Salem, in the year 2009 with the great and enduring efforts of the Management with 68 students and 10 members on the staff. At present, the school has an escalated strength of 1600 students, 60 regular members on the staff, 11 special staff and 10 support staff.

        The school had a glorious re-opening on the 3rd of June for classes UKG to Std X. The academic year 2019 began with victorious chimes ringing for the school as the fifth outgoing batch of std X students graduated with 100% results. The highest mark 488/500 was scored by B.Deepika which put the school in the second place among the CBSE schools in Salem. B. Deepika secured 3 centums in subjects – Mathematics, Science & Socialscience. B. Neha got centum in Mathematics & J.T. Sangamithra got centum in Socialscience.  The LKG tiny tots were given a joyous welcome by the new Correspondent and the new Principal.

Holy Mass:

        On 14th June 2019, the inaugural Holy Mass and the school blessing was held in CVN for the new academic year 2019-20. Holy mass is celebrated every month as a regular feature in the school in order to implore God’s blessings on all the activities of the month.

 Investiture ceremony:

        The school cabinet was inducted on 13th June with great pomp and dignity constituting the school Head Boy, School Head Girl and their team of Sports and House Captains. The academic Clubs were inaugurated on June 19th and various club activities were planned for implementation.

Thematic Assembly:

        Our school assemblies are informative and each child is prepared for public speaking. The assemblies were conducted on different occasions like Yoga Day, Environment Day, Kargil Vijay Diwas, Geneva Convention Day, 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, Constitution Day, Vigilance awareness Day, National fitness week and others.

Seminars & Awareness programmes:

        To ensure students are well-equipped with knowledge to face future challenges, focussed sessions were arranged on topics like- Avoid Exam phobia, Helmet & Road safety awareness, Social media, Cleanliness drive, Dental hygiene and Health Awareness.

Teacher’s in-service training and workshops:

        With a view to upgrade the knowledge and skills of the teacher’s, workshops and seminars were organised by the school and CBSE board to improve teacher’s academic transaction and skills to update their teaching capabilities.


        The school Newsletter ‘Crescendo’ is a new venture of the school to disseminate the activities and programmes of the school. Cresendo widens the knowledge and helps in developing the power of a budding writer. The school Newsletter highlights the periodical successes and achievements of the school and its students.

 Sports Day:

        The 10th Annual Sports Day was celebrated in a colourful manner and students from Std IV – X participated eagerly to exhibit their physical endurance.

Intra school competitions:

        Talentron competitions were organised for classes LKG – Std 10 on four different days in which each and every student enthusiastically took part and was boosted with self-confidence to exhibit their inherent potential.

        A singing competition between the four houses was conducted based on the theme patriotism in view of Independence day. 

House-wise – mime show, humour show and group dance competition were conducted on Children’s day. On the same day, a recitation competition for classes I & II and Verse speaking competition for classes III & IV were conducted.

A cookery contest was organised for Std 10 students to bring their culinary skills. Students skilfully made vegetable salads & fruit salads with a lot of nutritional values.

        Students of Std 6 – 10 exhibited their science projects on the 19th of October in different field of Science such as Physics, Chemistry & Biology.

Inter-School Competitions:

        In the Kalothsav competitions for classes KG to 10 held at Holy Cross Matric .Hr. Sec. School, our students won many prizes in different competitions.

        A letter writing competition was conducted by Indian postal and communication department on the topic –Humanity, water management and conservation. I feel highly elated to inform that B. Akshetha and     R.S. Jaishree of Std 10 won the first and second prize among 875 participants from different schools.

        Students of Std 9 & 10 participated in the short film contest on Nov 21st   held at Sona College of Technology.

        On Oct 21st and 22nd students of Std 8 – 10 participated in the state level science Expo organised by Thyagaraja Polytechnic College.

        Students of classes 5 – 8 participated in the drawing competition conducted by the Rotary Club of Salem, on the theme ‘Journey of Peace’ in view of the 150th birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi, in which Deepitha of VII C secured 5th place among 82 schools participated in the event.

        Epiphany Pastoral centre, Salem conducted various competitions in view of World Communication Day. Our school students won the 1st & 2nd place in painting competition, 3rd place in group dance and short film.

Proficiency tests:  

Periodical assessments & tests are conducted to enhance the learning ability and retaining capacity of the students. To motivate and encourage the students A1 star badges are awarded to the students who secure 90% and above in all subjects. Meetings are arranged with the parents to discuss the child’s progress.


        Children with utmost enthusiasm and fervour rejoiced and celebrated the Fancy Fete by assuming various responsibilities and duties along with their teachers in the Food Court as well as in the Games Zone. Parents and students equally loved eating the delicacies from the food stall and also played games enthusiastically.


        A Book Exhibition was held in the school campus by Blossom Book Centre, Chennai, to ingrain the reading habit in children. A Street play was performed in Naranampalayam by the YSM Club members showing the evils of corruption.


For the first time Parent Teachers’ Association was inducted officially headed by the Correspondent Sr. Thecla Joseph and the Principal Sr. Deepthi with 4 staff members & 7 parent representatives as members.

General Councillor’s visit:

General Councillor Anne Steven visited the school. The school gave a traditional welcome to sister. She was entertained with a cultural programme. Sister addressed the students, staff, support staff & PTA members in separate meeting.

Health Camp:

        An eye camp and a dental camp was organised in the school by Vasan Eye Care Hospital and Deepam Speciality Hospital respectively to benefit the students.

Extra-curricular activities:

Extra-curricular activities like – Yoga, Silambam, Karate, Taekwondo, Classical dance, Classical music, Western Dance, Orchestra, Band, Robotics & Drawing are provided in the school.


        Important celebrations like Founder’s Day, Independence Day, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Diwali, Christmas were celebrated with great gusto and gaiety. We shall be celebrating Pongal and Republic Day this month and thus culminate our celebrations.

Excursions and fieldtrips:

Students are taken on Educational trips to relax their mind and body and to gain experiential knowledge about their surroundings. A trip to Hyderabad was organised for Std IX & X.

 Outreach Programmes:

        The school builds and encourages values in children by providing them with enriching experiences. Students are motivated to provide for the destitute and the needy. They visit different Charity Homes and are encouraged to help the orphaned, the old and the sick either in cash or in kind.

        Our CVN students generously contributed Rs. 2,26,000 to ‘The child help foundation’ , Chennai for helping the cancer patients.


                      “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort”

        We, at Cluny Vidya Nikethan always accept challenges and make meticulous efforts to bring about a holistic growth & development in the child. This year too we have achieved the same with the Almighty’s copious blessings. I place on record my sincere thanks to the parents, well-wishers and all those who are concerned with the welfare of the school for their over-whelming support and co-operation. I thank everyone once again in anticipation of the same for the forthcoming year.