Cluny Vidya Nikethan (CBSE) Senior Secondary School


In the heart of our community, a new chapter filled with excitement, passion and boundless potential unfolded as the academic clubs (English, Tamil, Maths, Science & AEP, Heritage, Health and Wellness, Fine Arts and IT) were inaugurated on 25th July 2023.  This not only marks the beginning of a new journey but also the emergence of a vibrant hub of creativity, camaraderie and shared interests.  The chief guest of the day Dr. Jaishree Radhakrishnan, our correspondent Rev. Sr. Thecla Joseph and our principal Rev. Sr. Marie Therese pinned the badges to the secretaries of various clubs and advised the students to utilize the opportunities and discover their hidden potentials.  On 16th August 2023 our non-academic clubs – YSM, RSP, JRC, NGC and Nannette club were inaugurated.  These clubs are formed to create a community united by shared purpose and commitment to make a difference in the world.  The chief guest of the day Rev. Sr. Dr. S. Shobana pinned the badges to the secretaries of various clubs.  Sr listed various social skills that can be cultivated through these clubs.  From the unveiling of the clubs emblem to the recitation of its mission statement each ritual served as a symbol of the collective commitment and shared purpose which binds the members of these clubs together.

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