Cluny Vidya Nikethan (CBSE) Senior Secondary School

House System

Our school house system consists of four houses, Preethi, Jyothi, Shanthi and Keerthi. Each house is represented by a group of student leaders who form the school’s cabinet.

JyothiYellowArise and Shine
KeerthiBlueEver Onward
PreethiRedLove Alone Triumphs
ShanthiGreenTogether for Peace


  1. Head Boy – Yaswanth J
  2. Assistant Head Boy – Divager M
  3. Head Girl – Vishalini S
  4. Assistant Head Girl – Sai Sahana K
  5. Games Captain – Nidharshan N
  6. Games Vice Captain – Manas Karthick Raja S K
HouseCaptainVice – captain
JyothiAnudharshini M1. Nethra B
2. Dhavaj S Jain
KeerthiAkshaya T1. Sakarika S
2. Gokul G
PreethiSanjana Sri R1. Aishwarya S
2. Sailesh A
ShanthiPriyadharshini S S1. Sonali S
2. Abishek N

With a total of 18 cabinet members, these student leaders play vital roles in fostering camaraderie, organizing events and promoting healthy competitions among houses. Our school cabinet members play a multifaceted role in the school community. They actively participate in Sports events and cultural programs, showcasing their support for extracurricular activities. They ensure discipline is maintained in the school campus by upholding school rules and promoting respectful behavior among students. They are instrumental in planning, coordinating and overseeing various school events including assemblies, cultural festivals and charity drives, contributing to the vibrant and inclusive school culture. Further some they extend their support to academic initiatives such as academic competitions, facilitating a conducive environment for academic excellence and student success.

          Concisely, school cabinet members serve an essential purpose in enriching the school experience, fostering a positive school culture and advocating for the needs and interests of the student body, within the school campus.

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