Cluny Vidya Nikethan (CBSE) Senior Secondary School

About Us

CVN establishment is located in a calm and serene area sprawling in 6.5 acres of land away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Salem. The echoing Eastern Ghats, chirping of the birds, soft whisper of the palm, rustling of the foliage, wafting breeze, murmur of the shimmering water and azure blue sky against which append the massive architected the temple of knowledge. In commemoration of the contennial of the pioneering and distinguished educational institution’s joint venture of JOSA – the Alumni Association and St.Jospeh’s Management dreamed to project and to propel yet another institution with CBSE stream of education in memoirs of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of St.Joseph’s.

The institution is a non-religious organization closely following Secular India.  Both faculty and stalwarts are sifted through a competitive interview process, who hail from different ethnicities.

The school aims at all round development of the students entrusted, to be groomed to face the challenges of the modern day. The students are spruced to face life optimistically operating the vogue of the day.

In a span of half a decade CVN has grown almost in multi-faceted strength in the magnificient structure with latest infrastructure.


  • To impart a liberal education, paying close attention to the harmonious development
    of the body, mind, and soul.
  • To mold the character of the students inculcating in them, the qualities of honesty,
    generosity, courtesy, punctuality and discipline.
  • To provide opportunities for supplementary activities, service oriented to
    accelerate a true sense of citizenship.
  • To practise religious harmony.
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