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Cluny Vidya Nikethan (CBSE) Senior Secondary School



      In the bustling corridors and vibrant classrooms of our schools,there’s an undeniable sense of anticipation and excitement duringcelebrations. These moments of shared joy not only mark milestones butfosters a sense of positivity and joy through a variety of celebrationsthroughout the academic year.

a) International Yoga Day: 
     On account of 9 th International Yoga Day celebration, a seminar wasorganized for the students of grade 9 on 19 th June 2023. Ms.Shanthiexplained in detail about the theme of the Yoga –Vasudeva Kutumbaka andexplained about the inner peace and self-peace and highlighted theimportance of yogasanas, which helps us to attain peace, physical andmental health and created awareness amidst children.

      On 20 th June 2023, a thoughtful assembly was conducted by thestudents of grade 9 and 11, on the theme Vasudeva Kutumbaka to createawareness about the holistic nature of yoga. The students of grade 11performed a display of formation including several asanas and postures.The students also symbolized the letters YOGA in their display. Students ofgrade 7 and 8 attended a drill session followed by Suriya Namaskar.

       On 21 st June 2023, students of grade 9D hosted the assembly andcelebrated 9 th International Yoga Day. The students took a pledge on thetheme Vasudeva Kutumbaka. Quiz competition was conducted for thestudents of grade 9. 10 students form grade 3 performed various yogasanasand exhibited their skills through various postures.

b) Kalvi Valarchi Naal (Education Development Day)
    On account of the birth anniversary of our former chief minister ofTamilnadu Mr. Kamarajar , Kalvi Valarchi Naal – Education DevelopmentDay was celebrated in our school premises on 13 th July 2023. Ms. Radhikafrom Tamil Department organized the celebration and our principal Rev. Sr.Marie Therese presided over the function and highlighted the selflessservice attitude of Mr. Kamarajar through an incident that happened in hislife.

c) Founder’s Day Celebration:
     Students of grade 10 celebrated the novena of our founder BlessedAnne Marie Javouhey on the theme “ A glimpse of Anne Marie Javouhey” –showcasing the life of our founder from childhood to consecration as sister.Owing to founder’s day, on 13 th July 2023, Holy mass was celebrated byfather John Kennedy, parish Priest of Sanyasikundu.

d) Green Day:
      On 31 st July 2023, the kindergarteners bubbling with enthusiasm intheir astonishing green costumes created a pleasant harmonious andrefreshing aura through their green day celebration. The campus buzzedwith the series of colorful activities which infused vigor, vitality andfreshness in young ones showcasing the significance of green color. It wasindeed an invigorating and rejuvenating show.

e) Anti-Drug Awareness Programme:
      Anti – Drug awareness program at the school level was organized by ateam of Police officers from Annathanapatty, B5 Kitchipalayam PoliceStation in our premises on 11 th August 2023. Students were asked to take apledge on the theme Drug free Tamilnadu. The Kitchipalayam SSI of Anti -Drug committee explored the need of educating the students regarding theill effects of drugs and alcohol. He also explained the measures taken by thegovernment to create awareness on ill effects of drugs.

f) Independence Day:
      Independence Day is a time-honored occasion that holds a specialplace in the hearts of Indians across the nation. It’s a moment we cometogether to commemorate and honor the brave men and women, whofought for our freedom and also the enduring spirit of unity that bind us asa people of one nation. On 15 th August 2023, National flag was hoisted byour principal Rev. Sr. Marie Therese and students of grade 3 & 8 put forth ashort cultural event and celebrated the 76 th Independence Day in a grandmanner. The events like Dance, Singing, Skit and speech highlightedpatriotism and the sacrifice made by the Valors of our nation.

g) Teachers’ Day:
      Teachers’ Day is a momentous occasion where we come together tocelebrate the remarkable contributions of educators who shape the futurethrough their dedication, passion and commitment to excellence. On 5 thSeptember 2023, all our students gathered to express their gratitude forthe invaluable role of teachers in their journey of learning. CulturalProgram was performed by the students of grade 11 & 12. Studentspresented memento to the teachers as a token of their love and affection.Children through their celebrations proved that the impact of teachersextend far beyond the walls of the classroom and resonates in the heartsand minds of the students for a lifetime.

h) Diwali Celebration:
      The brightest festival Diwali was celebrated by the students of grade2 and 7, on 10 th November 2023. Correspondent Rev. Sr. Thecla Joseph wasthe chief guest of the day and few other sisters from Fatima Conventdignified the occasion. The little ones made the event colorful with theirdance performances. They exhibited their potentials through debate andpledge, mime show highlighting the history of the festival of lights,significance of Diwali . Cultural program performed by the students ofgrade 7 included a skit displaying the celebration of Diwali through threedance themes emphasizing the significance of the festival and the safetytips to be followed while celebrating Diwali.

i) Children’s Day:
      Play is the language of childhood and Children’s day is the perfecttime to celebrate it. On 14 th November 2023, the management and faculty ofCVN celebrated the young minds with hope and optimism, knowing that thechildren of today are the leaders, innovators and change makers oftomorrow. The teachers of CVN expressed their love and care for theirchildren through various cultural programs like scintillating danceperformance, Talk Show highlighting good values speech, song andhumorous Tamil skit. Teachers conveyed their wish to all the wonderfulchildren who inspire

j) Blue Day:
      On 17 th November 2023, the kindergarteners adorned in vibrant bluecostumes, radiated boundless enthusiasm as they immersed themselves inthe festivities of their blue day celebrations. The campus came alive withthe pulsating array of colorful activities, spotlighting the significance of thecolor blue. It reminded the boundless potentials and joy that children bring.

k) Christmas Celebration:
      Christmas is a time of joy, wonder and togetherness – a season filledwith warmth, laughter and cherished traditions that bring families andcommunities closer together. In the view of Christmas, a short culturalprogram was organized by the students of grade 7 and 8, on 22 nd December2023. Guest of honor Mr. Edward engineer of carol studio, CorrespondentRev. Sr. Thecla Joseph, Principal Rev. Sr. Marie Therese, Sr. Geneve fromFatima convent and Sr. Remya graced the occasion. Students through theirmeaningful skit portrayed the true message of Christmas and conveyedtheir wishes of joy, hope and love to the gathering.

      On 23 rd December Christmas get together for the teachers of St.Joseph’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School and Cluny vidya Nikethanwas organized in our premises. Teachers of CVN revealed their Christmasfriends and exchanged their greetings and gifts with each other.Correspondent Rev. Sr. Thecla Joseph, Principal Rev. Sr. Marie Therese, Sr.Remya and Sr. Shobana blessed the teachers of CVN and gave themChristmas gifts and conveyed their wishes. Holy mass was celebrated by Fr.Vimal Jeganathan Director of St. Joseph’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s PublicSchool Omalur. Teachers of St. Joseph’s and CVN attended the Holy massand received the blessings of Divine. Christmas carol was performed by theteachers of St. Joseph’s and CVN. Teachers enjoyed the aromatic anddelicious lunch. Our supporting staff revealed their Christmas friends andexchanged their gifts and Christmas greetings with each other.

l) Pongal
      Pongal is a joyful harvest festival celebrated with great enthusiasmand reverence in Tamil Nadu and among all Tamil communities around theworld. On 13 th January 2023, our students of grade 5 organized and hostedan assembly to celebrate Pongal – a time to give thanks for the bountifulharvest, honor the Sun God and rejoice in the spirit of abundance andprosperity. They exhibited a short cultural program emphasizing thesignificance of the harvest festival. Ms. Vanithamani from Tamil Departmentspotlighted the traditional way of celebrating Pongal and its need. Throughthis celebration children conveyed their Pongal wishes – to rejoice in theblessings of this harvest season.

m) Graduation Day:
      As senior secondary students of CVN embark on a new chapter oftheir lives, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the journey that ledthem to this significant milestone. Owing to the graduation of grade 12students a wonderful graduation ceremony was organized on 20 th January2023. The chief guest of the day was Fr. Austin Joy MSFS congregation,Parish Priest of Udayapatti church, Salem. Special invitee was Rev. Sr.Elizabeth Joseph, superior of Sanjose Nivas, Salem and the former principalof CVN. Graduands offered their prayers and took an oath to carry forwardthe legacy of CVN as the alma mater of this esteemed institution. ChiefGuest of the day Fr. Austin Joy, Special Invitee Rev. Sr. Elizabeth Joseph,Correspondent Rev. Sr. Thecla Joseph, Principal Rev. Sr. Marie Therese andteachers conveyed their wishes and blessings to the outgoing students.Students of grade 11 presented a short cultural program and both theAssistant School Pupil Leaders from grade 11 delivered their farewell noteand bid a good adieu to their seniors. The management presentedmementos to the graduands as a token of their love and affection. SchoolHead boy and Head Girl drizzled their memories in and around this campusand expressed their love and gratitude to everyone who helped them tocomplete their School Journey successfully. The event culminatedcherishing all good memories.

n) Republic Day:
      Republic Day in India is a celebration of unity, diversity anddemocracy. On 26 th January 2023, as we CVN family hoisted our TricolorNational Flag high in the sky and sung the National Anthem, we honoredthe values enshrined in our constitution and commemorated the day, whenIndia became a Sovereign Republic. Students of grade 9 organized andhosted an assembly to celebrate Republic Day. They presented few culturalevents like Patriotic songs, dance and speech. They also showcased a skitbased on the theme Democracy and Right to Vote. They also spotlighted theimportance of Universal Adult Franchise. Through this celebration ourCVNites strive to build a society, where every individuals enjoy freedom,dignity and equal opportunities and also to build an inclusive andprosperous India.

Annual Day:

a) Kids Fest
      On 6 th January 2024 our school proudly celebrated the 15 th Kids Fest,a milestone marked by creativity, innovation and a deep appreciation forthe wonders of nature and technology. With 750 enthusiastic students fromkindergarten to grade 2 participating this year’s fest was a testament toenduring spirit of curiosity and exploration that defines our schoolcommunity. Embracing the theme of “Nature and Technology” our studentsembarked on a journey of discovery, exploring the intersection betweenthe natural world and technology. Our students dazzled the audience with adiverse array of cultural events like dance, recitation, song and skit thatseamlessly integrated the elements of nature and technology. The ChiefGuest of the day was Dr. M. Deepa Assistant Professor, Department of FoodScience and Nutrition, Periyar University, Salem. Students through theirperformance demonstrated the integration of nature and technology is notonly desirable but essential in addressing the complex environmentalissues threatening our world today.

b) Annual Day – Grade 3 to 5
      15 th Annual Day was celebrated on 24 th January 2024, centered around thetheme of nature and technology, engaging 520 students from grade 3 to 5in a vibrant showcase of cultural events like dance, recitation, song andskit. Through captivating performances and displays, the childrenhighlighted the interconnectedness between nature and technology. Thechief guest of the day was Thiru. Chandra Mouli Deputy Commissioner ofPolice (Retd), Salem City and Guests of Honor were Fr. AlaguSelvan ParishPriest of St. Mary’s Church, Shevapet, Salem and Vicariate of Salem and Rev.Sr. Norah Alunkal, Provincial Superior, South Central Province, Sanjose,Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. The festivities kicked off with an enchantingexploration of nature’s wonders, where students presented mesmerizingdances, theatrical performances, and art displays inspired by the beautyand diversity of the natural world. Transitioning seamlessly from nature totechnology, our young performers showcased the transformative power oftechnological innovations. Through their performance the little onesemphasized how advancements in technology can enhance ourunderstanding of nature, mitigate environmental challenges and fostersustainable practices for the future.


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