Cluny Vidya Nikethan (CBSE) Senior Secondary School

Student Achievements 2023-2024

National Level


Mauliga M of grade 6 participated in the National level karate Competition and bagged the 1st prize.


Vedha sri S of Grade 5 participated in 7th National Gatka Championship held in Assam and won  the 3rd prize.

State Level


 S M Architha  of grade 10 has been selected  for Tamil Nadu Cricket Women’s team. 

Salem District Women’s Cricket Team:

 Nethra M , Dhanusri K L and Divyadharshana S P of grade 9 have been selected for Salem District Women’s Cricket Team.

Net ball:

Rahas S, Citral M and Vairavel S of grade 9 were selected to play for the Tamil Nadu State net ball team. They played for the Tamil Nadu Team in the  29th Sub Junior National Netball Championship 2023-2024  held at Jharkhand.

Fencing and silambam:

Dhaksha kanya K of grade10 secured the 1st place in state level fencing competition held in Coimbatore.

Gymnastics :

Nikil Kumar S of grade 3, Monish Vinayak ST, Nithish Prasana V of grade 4, Suseendar S of grade7 , Logavarshan M of grade 9 participated in State level Aerobic competition and bagged the first prize.

Yesmitha D, of grade 4  and Joshika  T , Devadarshini S, Bhavika P, Neha Sri K of grade 5 participated in State level Aerobic competition and bagged the second prize.


Sastesri L of grade 5 participated in the inter school swimming competition held in Pondicherry and won the 3rd prize.

Inter School Salem Sahodaya Sports (CBSE Schools) 2023-24:


A  team of Silambam students participated in the silambam competition held in Notre Dame of Holy Cross school and won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.


In under 17 girls Volleyball tournament held in Winner Vikas International school, Konganapuram, our school volleyball team participated and secured the second place.


In the badminton tournament held in Indian Public school , Kuruvampatti, Architha S M of grade 10 participated and won the first prize.


In Archery competition held in Maharishi Vidya Mandir, Vibishika of Grade 11 secured the 3rd place.


In the chess tournament held in Kurinji School Namakkal,  under 11 girls secured the 1st place.

And Under 14 and 19 boys secured the 3rd place.


In Yoga competition held in Kuriji school Namakkal  under 14 boys participated and secured the 2nd place and under 19 girls secured the 3rd place.    


In Athletic meet held in Glaze Brook Public School, Reddiyur, Vibishika V R of grade 8 participated and secured the 1st place.

Abirami R G of grade 11 participated in long jump and secured the 2nd place.

Lohith M of grade 6 participated in high jump and secured the 3rd place.

Sukanth S of grade 11 participated in Shot put and secured the 2nd place.

Manas Karthick Raja S K of grade 11 participated in high jump and secured the 3rd place.

Inter School Competitions:

In the Knowledge Fest 2023 catalogued by Knowledge Institute of Technology.

Anudharshini of Grade 12 bagged the 2nd prize in Spell Bee

Prithika Sree of Grade 12 secured the 3rd prize in Technical Quiz.

Durgavarshini of Grade 10 secured the 3rd prize for clay modeling.

Shasvathi of Grade 9 was awarded the best over-all performer and titled as ‘ Shining Star’.

Thiyagaraja Polytechnic College organized TPT Innovation Idea Competition. Four boys from Grade 12 participated under the domain, “ Drone” and received a cash prize of Rs.3000/-

‘Inspire ’23’ Inter school state level science expo was organized by Holy Cross Matriculation. Ten students from grade 8,9&11 contested and won a shield for the school.

In Indian Memory Championship-2023 was held in Bangalore,  Souravvetriivel Rajalakshmanan of Grade 10 won 5 medals,  Sashtisri L of Grade 5 won 2 medal and Amrithabhumika R of grade 5 participated too.

A poster making contest on the topic, “Peace” took place at district level and Sahana Sri of Grade 8 secured the 3rd place.

   Grade 11 and 12 students from commerce stream participated in a presentation contest in the Knowledge Fest 2023 organised at Holy Cross on the topic, ”Being an entrepreneur” and bagged the 3rd prize.

Loyola College Metalla, Rasipuram, Conducted Gloria 2023, a mega carol competition and our school choir students won the second prize and was awarded with a cash prize of  Rs 2000/-.

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